Our Bottles

Ordering, storing, lifting, invoicing and disposing of plastic bottles of water can become a thing of the past by implementing bottle-free drinking water dispensers with an in-built filtration system.

Join a growing number of businesses who are choosing to go plastic-bottle free and are enjoying the the taste of fresh-filtered water. Our sleek and stylish dispensers work by filtering your existing water supply providing you with crisp, clean, refreshingly great tasting water.

100% recyclable.
Toxin free.
Easy to secure swing-top.
Dishwasher safe.


Our Filters

Under Sink Filters

Ideal for domestic use, our under-the-sink systems provide you with fresh drinking water straight from your tap.

Our filters will fit neatly underneath your sink and is easy to install. Filter changes are normally required only once a year so it is a cost effective solution in providing pure, quality drinking water for your family. The freshly filtered water is great for cooking too!

Installation is really quite easy. We place a pipe connection on to the existing water supply, under the sink and connect it to the filters. The filters are then connected to your existing tap. You will then have fresh filtered water coming out of your tap which is ideal for drinking and cooking.

Bottle-free dispensers


Once you've dropped it..easy steps

Our team will contact you to schedule a time convenient for you to come and install the filters.

Our technician will come and install your filters that should take around 30 minutes. In the unlikely event we are unable to install the filters, there will be no cost due from you.

Our filters last 12 months giving you access to filtered drinking water throughout the year. Let us have your feedback - we value your thoughts and comments.

We keep a record of all installations and will contact you to let you know when the filters are due to be changed and will schedule a technician visit to come and replace the filters for you.

If you have any issues throughout the year, then please give us a call and we can arrange a technician visit to remedy any issues.